Saturday, 25 April 2015


I am the founder and publisher of NO UFOs, a small imprint producing limited edition photographic books. Our first release is NOUR by French photographer Celine Stella, focussing on the way neon light is used in design, architecture and daily life in Saudi Arabia. Visit the NO UFOs site, here and follow us on Instagram @no_ufos.

Latest for Artphaire

I've been writing more about contemporary art for the excellent Artphaire site. Recent work has covered new shows from Luc Tuymans, Xanti Schawinsky and David Adjaye. You can read them all here.

DJing and music

I've been DJing a bit more recently, generally dub to disco and all the interesting stuff in between at places like Cafe Royal and Forge and Co in London. You can hear the kind of thing I play here.

David Peace's Red Riding Quartet

An old essay of mine on Channel 4's adaptation of David Peace's Red Riding Quartet has been republished by Guardian Books. You can read it here.

House Magazine issue 32

The latest issue of House magazine is out now, edited by me for the Soho House Group worldwide.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Politics for Ask Men

My weekly politics column for Ask Men goes live every Thursday/Friday. You can read them all in one place, here.

Jason Becker for Red Bull

My long feature/interview with Jason Becker appeared on Red Bull's site. Becker was the teen heavy metal prodigy who was struck down by ALS (a kind of muscular dystrophy) in his early twenties and despite paralysis and the other constraints of the disease, has continued to make music. Read the piece here.

The search for the Doves Type

My long feature on the four year quest to redesign, rebuild and eventually dredge up the long lost Doves Type was in the Sunday Times magazine in January. Visit Typespec for more information and to buy the font, and read the story behind the Times' paywall for £1 here.

HOUSE issue 31

I edited the winter issue of HOUSE for Soho House. The retrospective issue, featuring cover star Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Contemporary art latest

Loads of new articles by me up at Artphaire, including pieces on Ryoji Ikeda, Chris Ofili, Eve Arnold and Jockum Nordstrum.

Bluffer's Guide

I have been writing various pieces for the excellent new Bluffer's website on everything from Hamas to Vladimir Putin.

Features for Esquire Weekly

I contributed some essays to various issues of Esquire Weekly. One on the cultural genius of AC/DC and another on the future of employment, which made the magazine's cover.

Teenage punk for Town Quarterly

My first person essay about my teenage obsession with Crass, animal rights and anarcho-punk appeared in the latest issue of Town Quarterly.£5, out now.

HOUSE issue 30

I edited the autumn issue of House magazine for Soho House. It's a technology special and you can read it here.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Politics for AskMen

All of my weekly politics columns for AskMen are now in one place. New columns go live every Friday and you can read them here.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Heavy Metal for Monocle 24

I was a guest on Monocle 24's excellent Daily radio show talking about the changing demographics of the heavy metal scene with host Andrew Mueller. You can listen to it here, I'm on from around the 50 minute mark.

BBC World Service work

I was the in-studio guest on The BBC World Service's 'Weekend' programme for two hours a couple of Sundays ago, discussing the European elections, South African truth and reconcilliation, archive footage of the British Empire and the release of America's hostage soldier from Afghanistan.

Boomerang generation for The Saturday Times

My long essay on the 'Boomerang Generation' was published in the Saturday Times Magazine. You can read the whole piece on the Times site, here. (£)

New issue of House Magazine

The summer issue of House Magazine is out now, edited by me. Available in all branches of Soho House worldwide.

Monday, 24 March 2014

HOUSE magazine 28

The new issue of HOUSE magazine is out now, edited by me and featuring Shantell Martin, Polly Vernon, KAWS, weird tiny Japanese food art, the return of psychedelia and much, much more. At Soho Houses worldwide.