Monday, 24 March 2014

HOUSE magazine 28

The new issue of HOUSE magazine is out now, edited by me and featuring Shantell Martin, Polly Vernon, KAWS, weird tiny Japanese food art, the return of psychedelia and much, much more. At Soho Houses worldwide.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Live on Little Atoms

I was live on Neil Denny's excellent Little Atoms podcast/radio show, discussing the cultural significance of Iron Maiden. You can listen to it here.

Weekly politics for Ask Men

I write the weekly news and current affairs column for Recent columns include the death of Bob Crow, Channel 4's Benefit's Street, the weird world of UKIP and the even weirder world of Tony Blair. You can read most of them here, with new ones going live every Friday.


I've been writing a lot for Park Hyatt's excellent contemporary art site, ARTPHAIRE. Recent articles include photography in Doha, George Condo in London, architecture at the Royal Academy and light sculptures in Tokyo. Updates daily.

Friday, 10 January 2014

VICTOR by Hasselblad # 3

I was editorial director on the third issue of Hasselblad's supersize photo biannual. More information here.

House Magazine

Issue 27 of HOUSE magazine, produced for the Soho House group worldwide. This issue featuring Alasdair Mclellan, Doncaster Lads, German chapels, shoe makers, paper sculptures and more.

The Sound of Belgium

I wrote about the excellent new documentary The Sound of Belgium for The Guardian Guide. You can read it here.

Curating Nathan James' PUNCHLINES

I helped to stage the recent PUNCHLINES exhibition by the painter Nathan James at East London's KK Outlet.

More photos from the exhibition's opening night, here.


I'm now one of the main writers for Artphaire, the excellent contemporary art site produced by the Park Hyatt hotel group. Loads of brilliant articles on the modern art world, here.

House Magazine 26

September's issue of HOUSE magazine for the Soho House group: read worldwide, edited by me, printed in Bow.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Politics for AskMen

I now write the weekly politics column for the excellent, newly-redesigned AskMen website. The column goes live every Friday, analysing the main news story of the week. Recent popular ones have been on The EDL, this one on Neil and Christine Hamilton, this one on Piers Morgan and this one on the Phillpott family and Britain's underclass.

Guardian Guide: Singles Reviews

I reviewed the singles for the Guardian Guide, including the latest from Walls, A.M.E., All Dom Wrong and the XX. You can read the reviews here and listen to the Walls track on the Souncloud link here.

House Magazine #25

Summer's issue of House Magazine: The Words Issue. Edited by me, cover by Candida Höfer.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Curating Nathan James' CREEPSHOW

I staged the acclaimed London exhibition, CREEPSHOW, by Canadian painter Nathan James at The Cob Gallery. The work was recommended by Monocle, Port, Phaidon, Monolith, The Huffington Post and Time Out There's a free book of the work available to download for iPad at the iTunes store. For sales inquiries on any of the paintings, contact

VICTOR by Hasselblad, Book 2

Volume two of Hasselblad's photographic biannual, VICTOR is out now. I worked as editorial director on it. You can see more at the Hasselblad site, here.

House Magazine, issue 24

The spring issue of House Magazine for Soho House, Design and Interiors special, edited by me. Cover shot by Tom Mannion at the Hayward Gallery's LIGHT SHOW exhibition.

Writing people's websites

Teo Connor Studio is a brilliant graphic design studio based in East London. I worked with them to write the text for their new website. You can see it here.

Ewen Spencer's books

I helped to edit the text in Ewen Spencer's two brilliant photographic books, OPEN MIC and THREE'S A CROWD. The former covers his work documenting London's grime scene, the second is a record of his long-term working relationship with The White Stripes. You can buy them both at his site.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

House Magazine # 23

The winter issue of HOUSE magazine is out now; the Science, Technology and Future issue. And there's a beautiful video of it being made, here.

VICTOR by Hasselblad

I edited VICTOR, the new photographic biannual from Hasselblad.