Saturday, 25 April 2015


I am the founder and publisher of NO UFOs, a small imprint producing limited edition photographic books. Our first release is NOUR by French photographer Celine Stella, focussing on the way neon light is used in design, architecture and daily life in Saudi Arabia. Visit the NO UFOs site, here and follow us on Instagram @no_ufos.

Latest for Artphaire

I've been writing more about contemporary art for the excellent Artphaire site. Recent work has covered new shows from Luc Tuymans, Xanti Schawinsky and David Adjaye. You can read them all here.

DJing and music

I've been DJing a bit more recently, generally dub to disco and all the interesting stuff in between at places like Cafe Royal and Forge and Co in London. You can hear the kind of thing I play here.

David Peace's Red Riding Quartet

An old essay of mine on Channel 4's adaptation of David Peace's Red Riding Quartet has been republished by Guardian Books. You can read it here.

House Magazine issue 32

The latest issue of House magazine is out now, edited by me for the Soho House Group worldwide.