Monday, 24 March 2014

HOUSE magazine 28

The new issue of HOUSE magazine is out now, edited by me and featuring Shantell Martin, Polly Vernon, KAWS, weird tiny Japanese food art, the return of psychedelia and much, much more. At Soho Houses worldwide.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Live on Little Atoms

I was live on Neil Denny's excellent Little Atoms podcast/radio show, discussing the cultural significance of Iron Maiden. You can listen to it here.

Weekly politics for Ask Men

I write the weekly news and current affairs column for Recent columns include the death of Bob Crow, Channel 4's Benefit's Street, the weird world of UKIP and the even weirder world of Tony Blair. You can read most of them here, with new ones going live every Friday.


I've been writing a lot for Park Hyatt's excellent contemporary art site, ARTPHAIRE. Recent articles include photography in Doha, George Condo in London, architecture at the Royal Academy and light sculptures in Tokyo. Updates daily.